Non-profit organization

Backgammon Club Leuven
Oudebaan 126
3360 Bierbeek
BE45 7360 1683 2089

Board members

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Johan SegersJohan Segers

Johan is the captain of Leuven II 4 Cubes interclub teams.

Henri PolletHenri Pollet

Henri is the organizer of Leuven Monthly games, and the friendliest backgammon player in Belgium. He represents our club in the Deelraad Vrije Tijd of the city of Leuven. As a true chocolate aficionado, he just can’t say no to a box of Leuvense Fonskes. He has once played a 99-point match and enjoys table tennis and quizzes too.

Nader K. Rad

Every successful group needs a geek! Nader is the geek in our club; trying to find a way to add a touch of technology here and there, taking videos/photos instead of paying attention to his own games, etc.