Leuven Monthly 3, Sun Mar 26, 13:45, at Squash Club de Vaart, Wilsele

The Leuven Monthly 3 tournament takes place on Sunday, March 26, 13:45 at the Sport and Squash Club de Vaart, Kolonel Begaultlaan 15, 3012 Wilsele (map).

Format: match play, three rounds (7-7-5), with clock. Pairings are done in advance, so please register by Saturday, March 25, 19:00 via BackgammonClubLeuven@gmail.com or +32 (0)494 29 44 60 (Johan). Registration: free for BCLeuven members, €2 for non-members.

The tournament is also stage 3 of the Winter Season of the Leuven Club Championship 2017.

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Leuven Monthly 2, Fri Feb 24, at the Borrestaminee

The Leuven Monthly 2 tournament takes place on Friday, February 24, 19:45 at a new venue: the Borrestaminee, Wijnenberg, 3360 Bierbeek (map). The Borrestaminee is the cafetaria of the Cultuurcentrum De Borre. You can park for free on the public parking in front of the CC De Borre. Once you enter the building through the main entrance, take the stairs on your right to the first floor.

Registration: free for BCLeuven members, €2 for non-members. To register, please write or call Johan Segers at BackgammonClubLeuven@gmail.com or +32 (0)494 29 44 60, not later than 19:00.

Format: match play, three rounds (7-7-5), with clock. Pairings are done in advance.

The tournament is also stage 2 of the Winter Season of the Leuven Club Championship 2017.

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Venue for Feb 17 (4 Cubes) and Feb 24 (Leuven Monthly 2): Borrestaminee, Bierbeek

On Friday February 17 (4 Cubes, Leuven 1 vs Leuven 2) and Friday February 24 (Leuven Monthly 2), we will not play in Café Sport as previously announced, since there has been a double booking. Instead, we will come together in the cafeteria of CC De Borre in Bierbeek:

Borrestaminee, Wijnenberg 2, 3360 Bierbeek

CC De Borre has a large public parking. Once you’ve entered the building through the main entrance, take the stairs on your right to the first floor.

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Leuven Monthly 1 – Kick-off Club Championship 2017

Ten players participated at yesterday’s Leuven Monthly 1. The tournament was also the start of the Club Championship 2017. Mixing 7-point matches and 5-point matches, we hope to strike a good balance between serious gaming and social interaction. We started a little after 8 PM and by 11:30 PM, the tournament was finished.

The results are to be found via the link ‘Club Championship 2017’ in the menu. Congratulations to new players Eric Debus and Marc Vandamme who won most or even all of their matches.

Next tournament: Friday, February 24, in Café Sport. See you there!

— Johan

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New format at Leuven Monthly 1 on Friday, January 27, at Café Sport

We’re looking forward to meeting you at the Leuven Monthly 1, on Friday, January 27, at 19:45 in Café Sport, Martelarenplein 13, 3000 Leuven.

We will play three rounds. Rounds 1 and 2 will be 7-point matches, and round 3 will be a 5-point match.

The pairings will be made in advance, which means less waiting between rounds. To help us make the pairings, we need to you to register in advance by Friday, January 27, 19:00. You can participate at all three rounds or just at the first two rounds. Participation is free for BCL members and €2 for non-members.

Please be there at 19:45. We start playing at 20:00.

The tournament is also the first round of the renewed Club Championship 2017. Even winning one season is already sufficient to make you qualify for the play-off in December.

Registration and contact: Johan Segers, BackgammonClubLeuven@gmail.com, +32 494 294460

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Leuven Monthly replaces 4th Friday

In December 2016, we launched a survey to know more about your preferences. Thirty-eight people responded, which we think is great. Thank you to all who participated! We analyzed the responses, did some brainstorming, and finally came up with some ideas to change the 4th Friday to respond better to your preferences. The Leuven Monthly was born! We also changed the format of the Club Championship, giving higher winning chances to less regular players.

Survey results

We listened carefully to what you had to say. The doubling cube and the clock are greeted favourably by the large majority. Some like 5-point matches, some like 7-point matches, and some others prefer even (much) longer matches. Friday is a good evening for many people, but the weekend is convenient for many people too, in particular Sunday. Prize money is not that important to most people, but good company and some serious gaming definitely are. Four hours is good duration of an event, preferrably not much longer, certainly not in the evening.

Leuven Monthly

We continue to meet once per month, but we are more flexible about the date. Some months we play on Friday evenings, some other months on Sunday afternoons. Please see the Leuven Monthly page for the dates and the venues.

As for the match length, we’re mixing things up too: each tournament will comprise two 7-point matches and one 5-point match. Moreover, the pairings will be done in advance, so you’ll know your opponents when you arrive and you will have to wait less in between matches. In return, we just ask that you register in advance: just write or call or click the link in the invitation emails. It’s as simple as that.

Club Championship 2017

The Club Championship was ready for a revamp too. We’ve now divided the year in three seasons: Winter, Spring and Autumn. (In the Summer, we’ll relax and play free matches or  a good old chouette instead.) Just winning a single season is already sufficient to make you qualify for the semi-finals in December. The fourth semi-final ticket goes to the best player on the general ranking list, next to the three seasons’ winners. For details, please check out the Club Championship 2017 page.

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Kristoffer De Weert is Leuven’s Club Champion 2016

Only Alain Chif or Nader K. Rad could threaten Kristoffer De Weert’s comfortable lead. But as neither of the three players was present at our December 23 club evening, Kristoffer is Leuven’s Club Champion 2016. Congratulations!

Final results Leuven’s Club Championship 2016

To avoid parking problems because of late night shopping in Leuven, we played in the Squash Club De Vaart in Wilsele. It was great to be at our former venue again, and we felt very welcome.

Welcome finally to new player Jasmin, a colleague of Marc. The dice did not smile at him, but we hope he still had good fun. Better luck next time!

Results Leuven's 4th Friday, December 23, 2016
No.   Name                 R1    R2    R3    R4    Score
  1.  Guy Van Middelem     3b1   1w0   4b1   6b1    3
      Marc Van Haverbeke   2w1   5b1   6w0   3b1    3
      Johan Segers         4w1   2b1   1b1   5w0    3
  4.  Henri Pollet         5w0   4b1   2w1   1w0    2
  5.  Metin Ates           6b0   3w0   5w0   2b1    1
  6.  Jasmin Skuhan        1b0   6w0   3b0   4w0    0
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4th Friday, December 23, in Squash Club De Vaart, Wilsele

Our next Fourth Friday tournament takes place on

Friday, December 23
19:45 pairings
20:00 start first round

Because of Late Night Shopping in Leuven, finding a parking spot in or near the center will be nearly impossible. This is why we play exceptionally at our former venue:

Sport & Squash Club De Vaart, Kolonel Begaultlaan 15, 3012 Wilsele.

Coming from the E314 highway, the easiest route is to take exit 20 Wilsele-Kessel-Lo and then take the N19 in the direction of Leuven. Cross the water at the first occasion and you will be on the Kolonel Begaultlaan.

Route description coming from the E314, exit “Wilsele Kessel-Lo”

Tournament format: Swiss, 4 rounds, 5-point matches, with clock

Registration fee: €2 (free for BCL members)

The tournament is also stage 12 out of 12 of our Club Championship 2016. Who will succeed Guy Van Middelem, winner of 2015?

On behalf of the Backgammon Club Leuven,

+32 494 29 44 60 (Johan)

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Three Players in Contention for the 2016 Championship Title With One Round To Go

Because of a Late Night Shopping event in the Leuven city centre, parking space was extremely scarse. After searching for half an hour, Eric, Sonja and Christof could not find a place to park their cars and had to return home. Those who did find a spot reported very long searching times too. Thank you to all players who made the effort to join the tournament, whether successful or not.

Welcome to new player Guido. He’s been playing backgammon for a long time, with a friend who passed away one year ago. We hope he enjoyed the evening and the company.

In the 2016 Championship, three players are still in contention for the title: Kristoffer (66 points), Alain (58 points), and Nader (52 points). The race will come to a finish at the 12th and final round, on Friday, December 23, in Café Sport, at 19:45. See you there!

No.  PNo.  Name                 R1    R2    R3    R4    Score
  1.    1  Alain Chif           7w0   6b1   4w1   3b1    3
        7  Maurits Pino         1b1   3w1   8b1   2w0    3
  3.    2  Nader K. Rad         8b1   8w0   3b0   7b1    2
        3  Kristoffer De Weert  6w1   7b0   2w1   1w0    2
        4  Guido Joris          8b0   8w1   1b0   +      2
        8  Dan Pascu            2w0   4b0   6w1   8w1    2
        8  Metin Ates           4w1   2b1   7w0   8b0    2
  8.    6  Gery Vermaut         3b0   1w0   8b0   -      0
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Hadi Ghayoumi (Luxembourg) wins 8th Leuven Backgammon Open

Thank you to all players for a wonderful backgammon day! We had great fun, we hope you did so too.

Ranking and Games after round 6 of 8th Leuven Backgammon Open
No.  PNo.  Name                     R1    R2    R3    R4    R5    R6   Score
  1.   23  Hadi Ghayoumi           26w1   5b1  29w1  24b1   9w1  10b1   6
  2.    9  Rudy Bertels            18b1  25w1  15b1   1w1  23b0  22w1   5
       15  Marc Van Haverbeke      10w1  24b1   9w0  13b1  27w1   1b1   5
  4.    1  Paul van Dijke           2w1  14b1  12w1   9b0  28w1  15w0   4
       29  Robin Bilderbeek        20b1  22w1  23b0  10w0   8b1  19w1   4
       10  Nader K. Rad            15b0  21w1  26w1  29b1  11b1  23w0   4
       24  Metin Ates              21b1  15w0  20b1  23w0  16b1  12b1   4
       28  Toader Dorinel-Mihaita  25b0  18w1  11b1  22w1   1b0  17w1   4
       27  Ronny Conaert           11b0  30w1  16b1   5w1  15b0  25w1   4
        6  Paulus van Rooijen      16b1  12w0   4b0  20w1   5b1  11w1   4
 11.   25  George Voinea           28w1   9b0   8w1  30b1  17w0  27b0   3
       11  Zsolt Tasnadi           27w1   7b1  28w0  12b1  10w0   6b0   3
       22  Masoud Darvishi          3w1  29b0  14w1  28b0  30w1   9b0   3
       20  Majid Aghajani          29w0   3b1  24w0   6b0  14w1  16b1   3
       12  Kristoffer De Weert     13w1   6b1   1b0  11w0   4b1  24w0   3
       30  Hennie Bilderbeek          +  27b0   7w1  25w0  22b0   4w1   3
       17  Nick De Ruyck              -     -  21b1  18w1  25b1  28b0   3
        8  Helena Heymans           7w0     +  25b0   2b1  29w0  18w1   3
        3  Michel Lamote           22b0  20w0  18b0  21w1  13w1   5b1   3
 20.    5  Liliane Baptista         4b1  23w0   2w1  27b0   6w0   3w0   2
       18  Sonja Custers            9w0  28b0   3w1  17b0   2w1   8b0   2
       16  Luc Palmans              6w0  13b1  27w0   7b1  24w0  20w0   2
        4  Johan Brisaert           5w0  26b0   6w1  14b1  12w0  30b0   2
       14  Nadia Falise            19b1   1w0  22b0   4w0  20b0  21w1   2
        7  Michiel Aps              8b1  11w0  30b0  16w0  19b0  26w1   2
        2  Henri Pollet             1b0  19w1   5b0   8w0  18b0  13b1   2
       19  Christof Nuyttens       14w0   2b0  13w0  26b1   7w1  29b0   2
 28.   26  Amin Niazi              23b0   4w1  10b0  19w0     -   7b0   1
       21  Ali Fatemi              24w0  10b0  17w0   3b0     +  14b0   1
       13  Alain Chif              12b0  16w0  19b1  15w0   3b0   2w0   1
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