About the Backgammon Club Leuven

The former playing room of the Backgammon Club Leuven in the University Pool and Snooker (Heverlee)

The former playing room of the Backgammon Club Leuven in the University Pool and Snooker (Heverlee)

The Backgammon Club Leuven unites a lively group of enthousiast players of all levels, eager to play low-stake games in a friendly atmosphere. Everybody welcome!


We play once per month, on the evening of the 4th Friday or on the afternoon of the 4th Sunday: the Leuven Monthly. You are cordially invited to come and join us for a game, match, or tournament. Participation is free for members and €2 for non-members. The monthly tournaments in a single calendar year together comprise that year’s Club Championship.

In addition, we host the yearly Leuven Backgammon Open tournament. The 2016 edition was the 8th one and took place in November. Winner was Rudy Bertels.

Backgammon Club Leuven is a member of the Belgian Backgammon Federation vzw BGFed.be. Matches played at our events count for the national rating list and for the Backgammon Master Series Belgium. We also participate in the national interclub tournament, the 4 Cubes.


In the Spring of 2015, the club was reorganized to become a formal non-profit organization, the Backgammon Club Leuven. If you’re interested, you can check out our founding charter.


As a member, you would have access to our member’s corner.

At our meeting of December 14, 2015, the membership fee for 2016 is fixed at €10 (to be paid to Backgammon Club Leuven, BE45 7360 1683 2089). For 2018, the amount remains the same.

In addition, you can also register yourself at the Belgium Backgammon Federation. This costs an optional, additional €10. As a BGFed.be member, your match results are taken into account for the national rating list and you can participate at activities organized by the federation, such as the Belgium Individual Championship and the interclub championship the 4 Cubes.

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