Leuven Monthly – Live Backgammon in a Friendly Atmosphere

Backgammon action at the Leuven December 2015 tournament

Do you like to play live backgammon? Then you’re most welcome at the Leuven Monthly, our monthly tournament series!

Participation is free.

Whatever your level, from beginner to expert, feel free to come and join us for some live backgammon action!

Leuven Monthly Dates 2020

  • Winter: Sundays, at 13:45, on 26/01, 23/02, and 22/03
  • Spring: Fridays, at 19:45, on 24/04, 22/05, and 26/06
  • Autumn: Sundays, at 13:45, on 27/09, 18/10, and 22/11
  • Finals: on Sunday, 20/12

Starting time is 13:45 on Sunday and 19:45 on Friday. We play in Squash Club De Vaart, Kolonel Begaultlaan 15, 3012 Wilsele.


A monthly tournament consists of three matches: three 7-point matches on Sunday afternoon and two 7-point matches and one 5-point match on Friday evening.

We play with the doubling cube and the clock.

If you plan to come a couple of months in a row, then you can even aspire to become our next Club Champion! See the Club Championship 2020 page for details.


No registration is required. Just come and participate — for free!

Still, if you have any questions, please write or call our master of ceremony, Henri Pollet, at henri.pollet@belgacom.net or +32 16 290533.