Non-profit organization

Backgammon Club Leuven
Oudebaan 126
3360 Bierbeek
BE45 7360 1683 2089

Board members

A question about backgammon or the club? Juste write or call us.

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Johan SegersJohan Segers

Johan is the captain of Leuven II 4 Cubes interclub teams.

Henri PolletHenri Pollet

Henri is the organizer of Leuven Monthly games, and the friendliest backgammon player in Belgium. He is the captain of the Leuven I, 4 Cubes interclub team. As a true chocolate aficionado, he just can’t say no to a box of Leuvense Fonskes. He has once played a 99-point match and enjoys table tennis and quizzes too.

Nader K. Rad

Every successful group needs a geek! Nader is the geek in our club; trying to find a way to add a touch of technology here and there, taking videos/photos instead of paying attention to his own games, etc.