12th Leuven Open

While our in-person events are on hold because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve not forgotten about our future events: the 12th Leuven Open is scheduled for 8th of November, in our usual venue, Abdijmolen.

More information and registration will be available soon.

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Tournaments etc. postponed/cancelled (update)

Recent update from BGFed:

Due to the measures to limit the propagation of the COVID-19 virus, the following live backgammon activities are postponed or cancelled:

  • Leuven Monthly (Friday, April 24)
  • 4 Cubes rounds 2 & 3 (Sunday, April 26)
  • Brussels Friendly 100 (Friday, May 1)

As soon as we have more information about the meeting possibilities, the BIC competition will be rescheduled. By now, our expectation is to postpone all matches by +/- 3 months (for ex. the D2 qualifying round-robin to be finished in June will be rescheduled till September). Online matches still valid for the rating list (see earlier post).

Take care of yourself and those around you.

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Validity of online matches for ratings

Since we can’t get together to play backgammon these days because of the coronavirus pandemic, BGFed has decided to accept online matches that meet certain criteria in the official ratings.

More information about the conditions and the way you can submit the results is available on BGFed.

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Tournaments etc. postponed/cancelled

Because of the recent measures by the Belgian federal government to limit the propagation of the coronavirus, all backgammon tournaments and events from backgammon Club Leuven and other clubs in Belgium are cancelled up to and including Friday, April 3, 2020.

We will keep you posted when the events will be rescheduled.

Take care of yourself and those around you.

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Leuven Monthly 2 – 2020

There were 16 players in Leuven Monthly 2, including 5 news players; Itzhak, Miquel, Lizbeth, Tamara, and Chantal, welcome to the club!

We played three 7-point matches, and at the end, Henri and Kristoffer got the first place with the perfect score of 30.

See you in the next Leuven Monthly, on 22nd of March, at 13:45.

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Leuven Monthly 1 – 2020

We played the first Leuven Monthly on 26th of January. There were 13 players for Leuven Monthly, plus two players who were playing their BIC games, and two guests. We were happy to welcome a new player among us, Oguz.

The winners of the first Leuven Monthly were Alain and Riza, with 30 points.

As usual, you can find the results of 2020 Leuven Monthly games, as well as all previous years, on the sidebar of the website.

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Leuven Monthly in 2020

We wish you happy holidays in advance, and a great year ahead.

The following is the plan for the Leuven Monthly games:

  • Winter: Sundays, at 13:45, on 26/01, 23/02, and 22/03
  • Spring: Fridays, at 19:45, on 24/04, 22/05, and 26/06
  • Autumn: Sundays, at 13:45, on 27/09, 18/10, and 22/11
  • Finals: on Sunday, 20/12

All events are available on the club’s calendar. You can add this calendar to your calendar application (Thunderbird/Lightning, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc) to have access to all updates in the future.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Leuven Monthly games!

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Membership fees for BGFed and BIC in 2020

Thanks for being members of BGFed.be in 2019; we hope you’ve had a great year and enjoyed the backgammon events.

If you’d like to stay a member in 2020 (or become a new member), a membership fee of €10 needs to be paid to the BGFed. Membership is necessary for players wishing to participate in 4 Cubes 2020 or BIC 2020, and the ratings of members will be stored in BGFed’s database.

Like previous years, an extra €10 is necessary for playing in BIC. Therefore, the total membership fee is:

  • Only membership in BGFed.be for 2010: €10
  • Membership in BGFed.be and participating in BIC 2010: €20

The amount can be paid to:

Backgammon Club Leuven
BE84 7360 4493 9659

We appreciate it if you could make the payment by 31st of December 2019, so that we can transfer the total amount to the federation on time.

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2019’s Leuven Monthly Finals

The finalists of Leuven Monthly played against each other on 15th of December, and Johan Segers became the champion of 2019. Congratulations Johan!

The following are the highest ranking players of Leuven Monthly games in 2019:

  1. Johan S.
  2. Alain
  3. Dan
  4. Toon

Looking forward to seeing you in 2020’s Leuven Monthly games.

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Leuven Monthly 9

There were 10 players in Leuven Monthly 9, and at the end, Nader and Dan gained the highest scores by winning all their matches. With a total score of 83, Dan became the champion of autumn Leuven Monthly games.

The semi-final games will be played by

  • Alain, champion of winter
  • Johan S., champion of spring
  • Dan, champion of autumn
  • Toon, the person with the highest score (174) who’s not among the session champions

The highest score belongs to Alain (175). As a result, he can choose his opponent for the semi-final.

All final matches are 9-point.

So, this concludes our Leuven Monthly games in 2019, with participation of 21 players. Congratulations to Alain for gaining the highest overall score.

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