Kristoffer De Weert is Leuven’s Club Champion 2016

Only Alain Chif or Nader K. Rad could threaten Kristoffer De Weert’s comfortable lead. But as neither of the three players was present at our December 23 club evening, Kristoffer is Leuven’s Club Champion 2016. Congratulations!

Final results Leuven’s Club Championship 2016

To avoid parking problems because of late night shopping in Leuven, we played in the Squash Club De Vaart in Wilsele. It was great to be at our former venue again, and we felt very welcome.

Welcome finally to new player Jasmin, a colleague of Marc. The dice did not smile at him, but we hope he still had good fun. Better luck next time!

Results Leuven's 4th Friday, December 23, 2016
No.   Name                 R1    R2    R3    R4    Score
  1.  Guy Van Middelem     3b1   1w0   4b1   6b1    3
      Marc Van Haverbeke   2w1   5b1   6w0   3b1    3
      Johan Segers         4w1   2b1   1b1   5w0    3
  4.  Henri Pollet         5w0   4b1   2w1   1w0    2
  5.  Metin Ates           6b0   3w0   5w0   2b1    1
  6.  Jasmin Skuhan        1b0   6w0   3b0   4w0    0
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