Leuven Monthly replaces 4th Friday

In December 2016, we launched a survey to know more about your preferences. Thirty-eight people responded, which we think is great. Thank you to all who participated! We analyzed the responses, did some brainstorming, and finally came up with some ideas to change the 4th Friday to respond better to your preferences. The Leuven Monthly was born! We also changed the format of the Club Championship, giving higher winning chances to less regular players.

Survey results

We listened carefully to what you had to say. The doubling cube and the clock are greeted favourably by the large majority. Some like 5-point matches, some like 7-point matches, and some others prefer even (much) longer matches. Friday is a good evening for many people, but the weekend is convenient for many people too, in particular Sunday. Prize money is not that important to most people, but good company and some serious gaming definitely are. Four hours is good duration of an event, preferrably not much longer, certainly not in the evening.

Leuven Monthly

We continue to meet once per month, but we are more flexible about the date. Some months we play on Friday evenings, some other months on Sunday afternoons. Please see the Leuven Monthly page for the dates and the venues.

As for the match length, we’re mixing things up too: each tournament will comprise two 7-point matches and one 5-point match. Moreover, the pairings will be done in advance, so you’ll know your opponents when you arrive and you will have to wait less in between matches. In return, we just ask that you register in advance: just write or call or click the link in the invitation emails. It’s as simple as that.

Club Championship 2017

The Club Championship was ready for a revamp too. We’ve now divided the year in three seasons: Winter, Spring and Autumn. (In the Summer, we’ll relax and play free matches or  a good old chouette instead.) Just winning a single season is already sufficient to make you qualify for the semi-finals in December. The fourth semi-final ticket goes to the best player on the general ranking list, next to the three seasons’ winners. For details, please check out the Club Championship 2017 page.

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