Toon succeeds himself as Leuven club champion

In the final stage of the Leuven Club Championship 2023, four players had qualified for the semi-finals thanks to their performance in the Leuven Monthly tournaments of 2023: Markus Förster (Brussels), winner of the Winter season, Toon Van Herreweghen (Leuven), winner of the Spring season, Daniel Rozenberg (Brussels), winner of the Autumn season, and Henri Pollet (Leuven), the player with the highest ranking overall apart from the three already mentioned players.

On Sunday, December 17, these four gladiators entered the arena in Squash Club De Vaart, Wilsele, for some fierce dice battles. Nine-point matches would decide upon the laureates. In the semi-finals, Toon defeated Markus while Daniel bested Henri. In the final between Toon and Daniel, it was Toon who came out victorious. In parallel, Markus was the winner of the consolation final against Henri and thereby secured the third place.

The laureates of the Leuven Club Championship 2023, from left to right: Daniel Rozenberg (Brussels, 2nd), Toon Van Herreweghen (Leuven, 1st), Markus Förster (Brussels 3rd).

The list of Leuven club champions now looks as follows:

  • 2023 Toon Van Herreweghen
  • 2022 Toon Van Herreweghen (report)
  • 2019 Johan Segers (report)
  • 2018 Johan Segers (report)
  • 2017 Henri Pollet (report)
  • 2016 Kristoffer De Weert (report)
  • 2015 Guy Van Middelem (report)
  • 2014 Zsolt Tasnadi (ranking)

In 2023, a total of 37 players participated at the Leuven Monthly tournaments, comprising together the Leuven Club Championship. A big thank you to:

  • Toon, for the efficient tournament administration,
  • Nader, for hosting the website and for distributing the newsletter,
  • Miguer and the friendly staff from Squash Club De Vaart in Wilsele,
  • All participants for attending our events.

See you all in 2024, for the next edition of the Leuven Club Championship!

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