Henri Pollet is BCL Champion 2017

Henri Pollet (middle) defeated Johan Segers (left) in the final of the Leuven Club Championship 2017 on Friday, December 22, in Squash Club “De Vaart” (Wilsele). Earlier that evening, Johan had won from Kristoffer De Weert (right) in the semi-final. Kristoffer, who had won from Ronny Conaert in the small final, is holding two cups because he’s also the champion of 2016.

Besides the play-off for the Championship 2017, ten players competed in the Leuven Monthly 10. There were four winners: Metin Ates, Guy Van Middelem, Sonja Custers, and Christof Nuyttens. On the right, new player Jan Schamp is having a good time.

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