Club Championship 2016

Kristoffer De Weert, B.C.L. club champion 2016

The Club Championship 2016 comprised a series of twelve tournaments, taking place on the 4th Friday of each month. Kristoffer De Weert accumulated the highest number of points and earned the title of 2016 Backgammon Club Leuven champion. Congratulations!

Club Championship 2016 ranking

Each tournament, players could win championship points, determined by the number of matches won:

0 wins -> 1 point,
1 win -> 2 points,
2 wins -> 4 points,
3 wins -> 8 points,
4 wins -> 16 points.

The tie-break rule (which we did not need to use) was as follows: If there is a tie for the first place after the twelve tournaments, then the title will go to the player having the higher number of match victories. If there’s still a tie, then the title will be decided by a 1-point match. To ensure a nice show, the clock will be set at 1 minute for the match plus 12 seconds per move.

The championship ranking is published in an online spreadsheet. Tournament director was Johan Segers.