Join us in Backgammon Club Leuven!

This club is a friendly group of people who get together frequently to enjoy their time playing Backgammon.

There’s one event per month in Leuven, usually with 8 to 16 people coming from Leuven, Brussels, or other cities. Besides that, once a year, we have a full-day Leuven Open Championship, which is quite a popular one in Belgium with more than 30 participants, and a casual BBBQ (backgammon barbecue).

Join us, and together, we will have even more fun!

When you register using the form above, you will first receive a confirmation email. After you confirm your subscription, you will receive about one email per month, informing you of the next event, and you can join us whenever the event suits you.


Privacy policy: Naturally, we do not share your email address with any other organization without your permission. You can always unsubscribe using the link on the bottom of the emails.

Cost: Backgammon Club Leuven is a non-for-profit organization. Players are just asked to pay €2 for each monthly event, or a €10 annual membership, to cover the expenses of the club.

Have a question? You can simply reply to the confirmation email to get in touch with us.