11th Leuven Open: Fonske Challenge

Fonske is the name of the statue of the book-reading, beer-spilling student at the Rector
De Somerplein in the city of Leuven. Fonske challenges backgammon clubs in Belgium
to show what they are worth and try to win the Fonske challenge.


  1. Before the start of the main tournament, all participating clubs identify
    themselves and their players to the tournament director. Each club is represented
    by a club captain, who will be the spokesperson for the club regarding Fonske’s
  2. If a player from club A wins a match in the main tournament against a player from
    a different club B, club A scores 1 point. Nothing happens to club B.
  3. A match between two players from the same club does not count.
  4. At the end of each round of the main tournament, the number of points scored by
    a club is calculated and added to the number of points already obtained by the
  5. At no occasion will the pairings in the main tournament be influenced by Fonske’s
    challenge. The pairings are exclusively determined by the results in the main
    (individual) tournament according to the Swiss tournament format.
  6. There will be two prizes:
    • One for the club with the highest number of points per player.
    • Another one for the club with the highest number of points in total.