Results Vesalius Challenge

Six players participated in the Vesalius challenge at the 7th Leuven Open, for a total of 6 x 6 = 36 matches, at €2 stake per match, so €72. For each match a performance rating (PR) was computed using eXtremeGammon. To each PR, a score between 0 and 2 was calculated:

  • PR > 6 : score = 0
  • PR < 4 : score = 2
  • 4 < PR < 6 : score = 6 – PR

The pay-off for each player is proportional to the total score obtained by that player.

The results are to be found in the following table: Results Vesalius challenge. The matches are available for download and further analysis too:

The highest scores were for Paul van Dijke, Michel Lamote, and Guy Van Middelem. No coincidence perhaps that these gentlemen also constitute the Brugge team, winner of the 4 Cubes 2015?

Remark: in his match with Zsolt Tasnadi, Michel Lamote lost on time. Since losing on time costs tons of equity, this has been taken into account as a “resignation error”.

Thanks to all participants for having joined this fun an instructive experiment.

— Johan

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