Four-Player Tie at June’s Fourth Friday

Hereby the results of the Fourth Friday event of June 24 in Café Sport. It was perhaps the last time we could in Café Sport, which will be closed in the summer months for renovation and a grand reopening, with new owners, in August or September. A big thank you to Maurice Vanderauwera, the patron of the Café Sport, for having welcomed us in one of the many nice rooms of the Café Sport each month. Maurice also provided great technical assistance when we hosted the BIC finals the last few years. Thanks!

No.  PNo.  Name             R1    R2    R3    R4  Score
  1.    7  Johan Brisaert       4w1  12b1   1w0  11b1  3
        1  Alain Chif           3b0   2w1   7b1   6w1  3
       11  Kristoffer De Weert  8b1   3w1   5b1   7w0  3
        4  Zsolt Tasnadi        7b0   8w1   3b1   5w1  3
  5.    5  Jeroen Nuyts        10w1   9b1  11w0   4b0  2
        2  Liliane Baptista    12b0   1b0   9w1   8w1  2
        6  Henri Pollet         9w0  10b1  12w1   1b0  2
  8.    3  Guy Van Middelem     1w1  11b0   4w0     -  1
        8  Sophie Brisaert     11w0   4b0  10w1   2b0  1
        9  Nader K. Rad         6b1   5w0   2b0     -  1
       12  Metin Ates           2w1   7w0   6b0  10b0  1
       10  Johan Segers         5b0   6w0   8b0  12w1  1
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