One Checker Lost and Found at October’s 4th Friday

A hilarious moment occurred when two players, whose names shall not be disclosed, noticed, during the bear-in, that one of them had been playing with 14 checkers only… The EUBGF rules state that an illegal starting position stands as it is as soon as the starting player has made his or her second roll. Moreover, a player starting with less than 15 checkers can still lose a gammon.

With two more tournaments to go in 2016 and at most 32 Championship Points to be earned, five players are still in contention to win the 2016 club title: Kristoffer (62 CP), Alain (50 CP), Nader (48 CP), Johan S. (46 CP) and Henri (42 CP). For the full results, please see the link to the spreadsheet in the menu.

The final two 4th Fridays of 2016 will take place on Friday, November 25 and December 23, at 19:45 in the Café Sport, Leuven.

No.  PNo.  Name                  R1    R2    R3    R4    Score
  1.    3  Johan Segers          6w1   8w1   5b1   9b1    4
  2.    8  Guy Van Middelem      1w1   3b0   6w1   2b1    3
        5  Nader K. Rad          9w1   2b1   3w0   7b1    3
  4.    9  Kristoffer De Weert   5b0   7b1   1w1   3w0    2
        2  Jeroen Nuyts          7w1   5w0  10b1   8w0    2
        6  Alain Chif            3b0   4w1   8b0  10w1    2
        1  Christian Ducra       8b0  10w1   9b0   4w1    2
  8.    7  Liliane Baptista      2b0   9w0   4b1   5w0    1
       10  Henri Pollet          4w1   1b0   2w0   6b0    1
 10.    4  Gery Vermaut         10b0   6b0   7w0   1b0    0
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