Three Players in Contention for the 2016 Championship Title With One Round To Go

Because of a Late Night Shopping event in the Leuven city centre, parking space was extremely scarse. After searching for half an hour, Eric, Sonja and Christof could not find a place to park their cars and had to return home. Those who did find a spot reported very long searching times too. Thank you to all players who made the effort to join the tournament, whether successful or not.

Welcome to new player Guido. He’s been playing backgammon for a long time, with a friend who passed away one year ago. We hope he enjoyed the evening and the company.

In the 2016 Championship, three players are still in contention for the title: Kristoffer (66 points), Alain (58 points), and Nader (52 points). The race will come to a finish at the 12th and final round, on Friday, December 23, in Café Sport, at 19:45. See you there!

No.  PNo.  Name                 R1    R2    R3    R4    Score
  1.    1  Alain Chif           7w0   6b1   4w1   3b1    3
        7  Maurits Pino         1b1   3w1   8b1   2w0    3
  3.    2  Nader K. Rad         8b1   8w0   3b0   7b1    2
        3  Kristoffer De Weert  6w1   7b0   2w1   1w0    2
        4  Guido Joris          8b0   8w1   1b0   +      2
        8  Dan Pascu            2w0   4b0   6w1   8w1    2
        8  Metin Ates           4w1   2b1   7w0   8b0    2
  8.    6  Gery Vermaut         3b0   1w0   8b0   -      0
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