Veni vidi vici

Eight players showed up at the Squash club De Vaart in Wilsele on Sunday afternoon, April 23, for the Leuven Monthly 4, which was the first round of the Spring season of the Club Championship 2017. Recall that Alain won the first season and is already qualified for the semi-final in December. As in March, Michel Lamote came all the way from Bruges to play with us. We were also happy to welcome two new players from Antwerp, Riza Yalçin and his son Mahir. In the first round, Riza, after quite an interesting match, defeated Michel. He won also in the second round against Henri, and for the third and final round, Riza had to face his son Mahir. With this third victory, Riza was the only player who won all his matches and was therefore the winner of the Leuven Monthly 4. Congratulations!!

Thank you to all participants for coming and we hope to see you all next month, Sunday May 28, at the Squash club De Vaart.


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