Leuven Monthly 9

On 25th of November the 9th Leuven Monthly games took place with 10 players. This concludes the autumn games, and the champion of this month is Toon Van Herreweghen. Also, Alain Chif has gained the highest total score for the three sessions.

The top 5 players based on their total score are as follows:

  1. Alain, 186 points
  2. Toon, 157 points
  3. Charly, 122 points
  4. Johan B. 114 points
  5. Henri, 112 points

And the champions of each session are:

  • Winter: Nader
  • Spring: Johan S.
  • Autumn: Toon

The semi-final and final games among the three session champions and the champion of total score will be held on 9th December and everyone is welcome to join us.

In the semi-final games, Nader plays against Alain, and Johan S. against Toon. Both the semi-final and final games are 9-point matches.

And finally, we’d like to congratulate Alain and Charley for being present in all Leuven Monthly games.

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