The second ‘In De Congo’ open 2019

For the second time, we had a fun and friendly thournament in De Congo. We got together on Saturday 13 July 2019: Johan, Rudy, Xtof, Charly, Jan, Odette, Guy, Paul, Dan, and Henri.

Our Scottish friend, Bill, joined us to support Paul, and also brought a bottle of Whiskey as a prize for the winner!

It was a nice and friendly environement, and besides the games, we had snacks and drinks. We each placed €10 for drinks, and there was €30 left at the end of the day, which will be used for extra prizes for Leuven Open.

This year’s winner was Dan Pascu with 5 wins out of 5 games; congratulations Dan!


In second place was Xtof with 4 wins out of 5. He received a champagne bottle sponsored by Paul. Jan also sponsored a delicious product from Leuven for the last player.

See you next year in De Congo.

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