Leuven Monthly 9

There were 10 players in Leuven Monthly 9, and at the end, Nader and Dan gained the highest scores by winning all their matches. With a total score of 83, Dan became the champion of autumn Leuven Monthly games.

The semi-final games will be played by

  • Alain, champion of winter
  • Johan S., champion of spring
  • Dan, champion of autumn
  • Toon, the person with the highest score (174) who’s not among the session champions

The highest score belongs to Alain (175). As a result, he can choose his opponent for the semi-final.

All final matches are 9-point.

So, this concludes our Leuven Monthly games in 2019, with participation of 21 players. Congratulations to Alain for gaining the highest overall score.

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