Waffles at March’s Fourth Friday

Ranking and Games of Leuven's 4th Friday - 25 March 2016
No.  PNo.  Name                     R1    R2    R3    R4   Score
  1.    1  Metin Ates               5w1   4b1   3w0   2b1   3.0
        3  Kristoffer De Weert      2b0   6w1   1b1   5w1   3.0
  3.    2  Johan Segers             3w1   5b0   4w1   1w0   2.0
        5  Henri Pollet             1b0   2w1   6b1   3b0   2.0
  5.    6  Alain Chif               4w0   3b0   5w0   4w1   1.0
        4  Nader K. Rad             6b1   1w0   2b0   6b0   1.0

Since Kristoffer won the mutual encounter with Metin, it was Kristoffer that could take home the collection of delicious streekgerechten. Kristoffer was kind enough to let us taste some of the waffles. Thanks and congratulations!

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