Mutual result breaks tie for title Winter Season 2017: Alain Chif secures first spot in semi-finals

The laureates of the Winter Season 2017, from left to right: Marc Van Damme (2nd), Alain Chif (1st), and Ronny Conaert (3rd). Picture taken at the terrace of the Squash Club De Vaart (Wilsele).

For the first time in its history, the Leuven Club Championship took place on a Sunday. This decision was taken according to the wishes expressed by several people during the survey we launched in December last year. The event gathered more than 12 people and attracted players like Michel Lamote (Bruges), Johan Brisaert (Brussels) and Metin Ates (Brussels), who normally cannot come on a Friday.

At the start of the tournament, four players were still in the runing to win the Winter Season of the Leuven Club Championship 2017: Alain Chif (49p), Marc Van Damme (49p), Ronny Conaert (47p) and Guy Van Middelem (40p). The random pairing led to interesting matches between these four players, who were drawn to play among each other but also to some other strong players like Michel or Kristoffer.

After two rounds, Alain and Marc VD were still tied. Unfortunately, Ronny and Guy were not in the running anymore, as they both lost one match. In the third and final round, both Alain and Marc VD lost their match and ended up both with 71 points. According to the rules, we had to look at their mutual result. During the Leuven Monthly 2 in February, Alain won a match against Marc VD. Thanks to this victory, Alain was been declared the winner of the Winter season and is therefore also the first to be qualified for the semi-finals in December. Congratulations!

Thank you to all the participants who joined us during a sunny Sunday afternoon. We are looking forward to see you all for the Spring season, starting with the Leuven Monthly 4 on Sunday, April 23, in Squash Club De Vaart (Wilsele).

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