8th Backgammon BBQ and 1st Belgian Championship 1-Point Matches

Final of the 7th BBBQ between Alain Chif and Liévin Vandenplas (winner) on B.C.L.’s Biggammon board

Dear friends,

Hoping for sunny weather on Sunday, August 20, 2017, the Backgammon Club Leuven is happy to invite you and your darling(s) for the 8th Backgammon BBQ and the 1st Belgian Championship 1-Point Matches, under the auspices of BGFed.be, the Belgian Backgammon Federation.


At Johan and Nadia’s, Oudebaan 126, 3360 Korbeek-Lo.


12:30 Welcome
13:00 Barbeque
14:30 Tournament


Tournament format is to be determined. The round robin format (everybody plays everybody), as announced previously, may take too long, given the large number of participants.

We close the event by a group consultation match on the world’s one and only (?) 4×3 m² Biggammon board.

Confirmed participants

(Last update: August 16)

Alain Chif
Alex Schrager
Christof Nuyttens
Dan Pascu
Geert Van der Stricht (BBQ only)
Guy Van Middelem
Henri Pollet
Jalal Pour Mousavi Seyed
Jan Wildiers
Jeroen Nuyts
Johan Brisaert
Johan Huyck
Johan Segers
Kristoffer De Weert
Lieve Stroobants
Liévin Vandenplas
Liliane Baptista
Luc Palmans
Metin Ates
Michel Lamote
Mrs Ates (BBQ only)
Mrs Sarmanidis (BBQ only)
Nader K. Rad
Nadia Falise
Odette Vanhorenbeek
Paul van Dijke
Paulus van Rooijen
Parisa Golshan
Sonja Custers
Théo Sarmanidis


The capacity of our house has been reached, registration is now closed (August 16). If you have registered but not yet paid, then please do so at your earliest convenience on the bank account number mentioned below.

For 25 euro (<18: 15 euro) only, you’ll enjoy a culinary barbeque by chef cook Koen Moors, an abundance of beverages, and of course some desert. Upon request, veggie meals can be provided too.

Like to join? Great! May we kindly ask you to write an email to BackgammonClubLeuven@gmail.com and to pay in advance, no later than Monday, August 14, by bank transfer to

IBAN : BE19 3300 7079 6112

mentioning ‘BBBQ8’ and the number of people.

See you at the BBBQ!

Johan and Nadia
+32 494 29 44 60

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2 Responses to 8th Backgammon BBQ and 1st Belgian Championship 1-Point Matches

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  2. Alain Chif says:

    Thank you Johan and Nadia for hosting this again at your home !
    I am looking forward to participating !
    Kindest regards

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