8th BBBQ and the 1st Belgian Championship 1-point matches: Tournament format and other things

Thank you to those who have registered for the 8th BBBQ and the 1st BC 1-point matches. Just a couple of things to make sure we’ll all enjoy a smooth day.

– The large majority of you has already paid the registration fee. Thanks a lot! If you haven’t done so yet, then please do so at your earliest convenience (25€ per person, everything included, to Johan Segers BE19 3300 7079 6112).

– You’re welcome Sunday, August 20, at 12:30 at the Oudebaan 126, 3360 Korbeek-Lo with plenty of appetite for a culinary barbeque prepared by Koen.

– The tournament will start at 14:30 and finish about 19:00.

– Please bring your board if you have one (no problem if you don’t).

– We’ll play in an exciting, new tournament format. There are two parts:

  1. The 27 participants are divided into 3 groups of about equal strength. Within each group, everybody plays everybody, 8 matches per player. Everybody thus gets a score between 0 and 8.
  2. All players receive as many ‘credits’ (= poker chips) as their score from part 1.
    1. Players are paired randomly. You and your opponent play two 1-point matches. Stake: 1 credit per match. If you have no more credits after the first match, you are eliminated from the tournament but can continue to enjoy free drinks and food. If you have only 1 credit after the second match, you are eliminated too.
    2. The same as the previous step, two 1-poînt matches between randomly drawn pairs of players, but now with a stake of 2 credits per match. You are eliminated as soon as you can no longer afford the stakes of the next match: you need to have at least 2 credits after the first match and at least 3 credits after the second match.
    3. The same, but with 3 credits.
    4. The same, but with 5 credits.
    5. The same, but with 8 credits.
    6. The same, but with 13 credits.

The last player to survive wins the tournament and shall receive a unique BGFed.be trophy, eternal fame and glory, and the title of Belgium Champion 1-Point Backgammon Matches 2017.

– We will play without clocks. However, if the tournament is running late or if matches take very long, electronic clocks may be imposed.

– We’ll close the party by a team match on BigGammon (4x3m²) between the ladies and the gentlemen. The two team captains will be the last survivors of their kind in the tournament.

Looking forward to a great day!

Johan (+32 494 29 44 60, BackgammonClubLeuven@gmail.com)

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