Leuven Monthly in 2020

We wish you happy holidays in advance, and a great year ahead.

The following is the plan for the Leuven Monthly games:

  • Winter: Sundays, at 13:45, on 26/01, 23/02, and 22/03
  • Spring: Fridays, at 19:45, on 24/04, 22/05, and 26/06
  • Autumn: Sundays, at 13:45, on 27/09, 18/10, and 22/11
  • Finals: on Sunday, 20/12

All events are available on the club’s calendar. You can add this calendar to your calendar application (Thunderbird/Lightning, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc) to have access to all updates in the future.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Leuven Monthly games!

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