Membership fees for BGFed and BIC in 2020

Thanks for being members of in 2019; we hope you’ve had a great year and enjoyed the backgammon events.

If you’d like to stay a member in 2020 (or become a new member), a membership fee of €10 needs to be paid to the BGFed. Membership is necessary for players wishing to participate in 4 Cubes 2020 or BIC 2020, and the ratings of members will be stored in BGFed’s database.

Like previous years, an extra €10 is necessary for playing in BIC. Therefore, the total membership fee is:

  • Only membership in for 2010: €10
  • Membership in and participating in BIC 2010: €20

The amount can be paid to:

Backgammon Club Leuven
BE84 7360 4493 9659

We appreciate it if you could make the payment by 31st of December 2019, so that we can transfer the total amount to the federation on time.

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