Tie-break needed to determine Winter Champion

The Leuven Monthly tournament of Sunday, March 20, was also the third and last stage of the Winter season of the Club Championship 2022. At stake: the first spot (out of four) in the knock-out stage to be played on Sunday, December 18.

After the February edition, Henri Pollet and Toon Van Herreweghen were leading the ranking with 9 points. Since Henri could not participate yesterday, Toon became favourite. However, Dan Pascu, with 7 points, started the afternoon by defeating Toon, narrowing the gap to one point. In total, Dan scored 4 victories and Toon only 2, so that they ended at the same score. But because of Dan’s victories over Toon (in January and in March), the tie was resolved to Dan’s advantage. Congratulations!

Congratulations also to Michel Lamote, who achieved a perfect score: 5 victories in a row. In the Club Championship ranking, the points accumulate over the whole year. The fourth and last spot in the semi-finals will go to the highest ranked player who is not already qualified.

We were also delighted to receive some new guests in our monthly tournament. The more experienced members were happy to give explanations, in particular about the doubling cube and the clock, and some even kindly offered some playing advice during the matches themselves.

The next event takes place on Sunday, April 10, the 2nd Sunday of the month, since the 3rd Sunday is Easter. The April, May and June tournaments together comprise the Spring Season. At stake: the second spot in the semi-finals on December 18. The dates for 2022:

  • Spring: Apr 10, May 15, Jun 19
  • Autumn: Sep 18, Oct 16, Nov 20
  • Play-off: Dec 18

Free entry, no registration or membership required, everybody welcome. Please arrive on time (12:45). Venue: Squash Club De Vaart, Kolonel Begaultlaan 15, 3012 Wilsele.

Optional: matches played between members of the Belgian Backgammon Federation BGFed.be (10 euro per year, registration possible at the start of the tournamen) count for the national rating list.

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