Leuven Monthly 4

12 people showed up last Friday at the Leuven monthly 4. It was also the first round for the Spring season. Miguer, the cook of the Squash center, participate also at the tournament and had to play the first round against Toon. Surprisingly he won the game with a score of 12-0 which is a big performance against Toon who is one of the top player in Belgium. For the second a third round, Toon showed his best and won the 2 remaining games. After 2 rounds, 5 players out of the 12 had the maximum of points, Zsolt, Alain, Kristoffer, Ronny and Miguer. In the third round only Miguer lost his game and therefore we ended the tournament with 4 players having the maximum of points. When we look at the names, Zsolt, Alain & Kristoffer, we can say that Brussels was just too strong on that day. Ronny from Genk joined the victorious team.

See you next month!

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